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Our Solution

We build it. We own it. We operate it. You save.

The Methane Harvest electric/heat co-generation system
The Methane Harvest solution uses an electric/heat co-generation system powered by engines/turbines and fueled by methane collected from your plant's anaerobic digester. In a typical wastewater treatment facility, this system can supply 100% of the plant’s heating needs and 30% or more of its electricity. And it occupies only 400 square feet of the plant property.

Methane Harvest makes this system practical and affordable for your community by assuming all costs associated with it: capital equipment, engineering, construction, and ongoing operation and maintenance. In return, your municipality contracts with Methane Harvest to purchase the electricity generated at predictable, below-market rates under a 20-year negotiated agreement.

A solution that simply makes sense

Methane Harvest offers attractive benefits for you and your community:

  • Lowest cost per kilowatt hour – lower than solar, wind, and even coal

  • Proven, reliable technology – uses a conventional internal combustion engine

  • No added work for treatment plant staff – we handle all operation and maintenance for you, at no additional cost

  • Fast start-up at zero cost – The entire planning, design, engineering, and installation can happen in as little as 20 weeks – at no expense to you

  • 85% energy efficient and sustainable – runs on clean-burning, natural, renewable methane produced on-site

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