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CHP in Action

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems fueled by digester methane are in operation in many large municipalities across the United States. They also are surprisingly viable on a smaller scale. Here are some representative projects that prove the value of methane-fueled CHP at smaller plants:

Essex Junction WWTF (VT)
This 2 MGD facility successfully implemented a 60 kW project, proving that CHP can be cost-effective for smaller municipalities. Total system energy efficiency is greater than 80%.

Albert Lea WWTC (MN)
A 6.7 MGD facility, Albert Lea has operated a 120 kW on-site power generation system since 2003, demonstrating that methane can be used more efficiently for CHP than as fuel for a boiler.

Sheboygan Regional WWTF (WI)
After installing a CHP system five years ago, this 11 MGD plant has reduced its electricity bill by $78,000 annually and produced $60,000 worth of heat.
Gloversville-Johnstown WWTP (NY)
In operation since 1990 and upgraded in 2005, this 7 MGD facility runs a 700 kW engine. The digester sludge is supplemented by organics from nearby cheese and yogurt plants, enabling the plant to approach 100% electrical self-sufficiency.

The projects listed above took from 2 to 11 years before they became operational, and required funding of as much as $3 million. With Methane Harvest's Build-Own-Operate model, you can achieve energy cost savings similar to these projects without waiting years or raising millions of dollars.

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